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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

i moved thru life wondering if it held any meaning, what it held for me, would i be remembered, would i be loved? or am i just a passing phase in the circle of life? my sense of aimlessness and meaningless wandering was turned about the moment my gaze rested on this singular lady for the first time in my life, her character taller than mine, her personality far mature than mine, a halo of calmness and peace permeated all those around, and i wondered if i was worthy of seeking her hand and it turned out to be we were destined for each other, we shared so much in common, we understood each other better than anyone else... that perfect someone, which everyone thought impossible, including ourselves yet another reminder that Jesus loves the little children, the guy who was labelled "the fool" by kith and kin, the guy who all the teachers' wrote off as "a day-dreamer. and will amount to nothing", the guy who felt so lonely and unloved, and imperfect...
has his life all changed in one moment
a sense of renewed purpose, hope, and peace... re-born we would never meet was it not for the constant tears and prayers of our parents and siblings i wonder if i'm dreaming!!! naaaaah i'm not :-)