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Sunday, November 18, 2007


I enter scared, confused, lonely and with a complete feeling of insecurity. My fingers turn white as I clutch on to the truth, but even truth gives me no respite from this foreboding place. Its inner gloom transcends its outward beauty. I enter, bereft of peace. I see there many others such as myself, those who have come before me, seeking exactly what I seek, but it will be denied. Denied not because we stand against it, but denied because we cannot ‘afford’ it. This is a place where the first thing you would notice is the multitude of men and women in black coats and cloaks floating past you. More like bats, busy draining the life-blood of the innocent and greedily living-off the luxury of the guilty. They claim they will advocate your case and sweep the judge right off his feet and a verdict will be made in favour of the truth you hold on to, but it’s a scam, a farce. But yet you go on hopefully, dreaming that the truth shall set you free. But it isn’t our destiny as we can’t afford to handle the ‘truth’ because we cannot own it. This is a place where truth can be persuaded, influenced, forged and even bought at a price. This is the kind of ‘justice’ you would experience prevailing in the courts of our nation. A nation whose ‘truth’ is as diverse as its culture. But this form of justice permeates into the society we live in, our educational institutions and sadly our work place. We feel left out, forgotten, used, drained and discarded. We cease to exist.

But a positive note still remains, regardless of the prevailing gloom, truth will prevail, it most assuredly shall set you free, if not in this world, most assuredly in the next.